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“My Georgian Guide” offers vast variety of tours around Georgia. Book a private or a group tour and enjoy your visit while experienced locals help you throughout the journey.

Pick any destination and spend an unforgettable day during your visit in Georgia. Our long list of attractive places will assists you with planning your perfect day  better.

Wander, hike, rest, walk, ride a horse and spend a night in historical 1,000 years old settlements in breathtaking Mountains of Svaneti. Hiking in Georgia is one of the bestselling offer for groups or individuals of all ages.

Rarely in the world one can find as many rivers as you can find in country Georgia. Make Rafting in Georgia highlight of your journey, where Professional Instructors from all over the country ensure your safety.

Everlasting feeling that you experience during your Canyoning in Georgia, is another level of adrenaline compare to other any other Extreme Tours in Georgia. Let very friendly and knowledgeable instructors guide you the way in the mysteries of canyons.