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Georgia is a relatively small country located at the border of Europe and Asia. It’s an ancient country, so during the centuries, some historians refer to it as Asia, while in other sources historians include Georgia to Europe.

In the native language, the country is called ‘Saqartvelo’, the name is derived from a legendary ancestor ‘Qartlos’, who was a descendant of Noah, therefore the central region of Georgia is called ‘Qartli’ and the language itself ‘Qartuli’. 

In different languages this country has different names (in English its ‘Georgia’, in German ‘Georgien’, in French ‘Georgie’), this fact is explained that the origin of the name comes from the Georgians most favorite saint, St. George, who is a patron of the country. Many legends tell us the heroic stories of Saint George, who always protected and helped the country in difficult times. There are hundreds of churches in Georgia that carry the name of Saint George, also ‘Giorgi’ is the most common name among the men.

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There is an interesting legend that tells us why and how Georgians got this land from the very beginning. When God gave out the lands to different people from all over the world, Georgians were late, after they arrived and god asked them what the reason for their lateness was, Georgians replied that they often stopped on the way in order to say the toasts honoring a God. God was so fascinated with an answer that he decided to give these people land that he had kept for himself, the gifted land was like heaven.

And indeed, the whole Georgian territory can be compared to heaven, in such a small area nature is extremely diverse, mountains are over 5,000 meters, there are thousands of rivers, black sea, thick forests, semi-desert and extremely rich land where almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables grow. Besides all that, one of the most important traits that Georgian land has is the unique sorts of grapes that grow throughout the country. The country boasts more than 500 varieties of indigenous grapes, nearly one-sixth of the world’s grape varieties, including endangered vines found nowhere else on Earth.

Geographically Georgia is located in the Caucasus region, in between Greater and Lesser Caucasus mountain range. Our neighboring countries are Russia from the north, Azerbaijan from east and south, Armenia and Turkey from the south, and from the west, the country’s border goes along the black sea coastline. The total area is almost 70,000 sq kilometers and the population is not even 4 million people.

The country’s history dates back many centuries BC, only Kutaisi which is the biggest city in west Georgia is 3,500 years old. It’s even mentioned in ancient Greek Mythology, Myth about Argonauts, where a band of heroes around 1300 BC, accompanied Jason to Colchis (today Kutaisi, as a center of Colchis Kingdom)  on his quest for finding the Golden Fleece.

Also, Georgia is one of the first countries in the world that converted from Paganism to Christianity, in the year 337. In today’s census, the majority of the population is Christian Orthodox, around 90%, the remaining 10% are either Muslims or Catholics.

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georgian alphabet

In Georgia, the official language is Georgian, which is a part of the Ibero-Caucasian language group. We also have our own alphabet which is different than any other writing system in the world. Once you’ll see the Georgian text, you will know that this alphabet does not have an analog anywhere else in the world.

The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi, the population of the city is almost 1, 5 million people. Other big cities in the country are Kutaisi (west Georgia) and Batumi (west Georgia, coastal city).
As far as regional formation goes, there are 9 regions in Georgia plus 3 autonomic republics.

Besides nature, history, and culture, Georgia is famous for its delicious cuisine. Georgia’s regional cuisine is diverse. Food ranges from quite spicy in western regions to the more reserved kitchen in the eastern part of the country. Each region proudly shows its dishes and welcomes the guests with its special Georgian hospitality. Actually, in Georgia, we have a phrase that a guest is sent by a God, therefore we treat our guests accordingly.

Annually Georgia hosts different genres of music festivals (rock, jazz, blues, etc.). Many cool bands or solo singers visit the country each year, especially during the high touristic season. 

It doesn’t matter where are you from, or what have you seen before, Georgia is a must-see destination for people of any interest. There will be definitely something in this country that will attract your attention.  Professionals in our company are using an individual approach and will gladly customize Georgia tours that are perfect for you.

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