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Kakheti is located in the eastern part of Georgia and it produces 52% of all Georgian wines. It’s been proved by scientists that Georgia is the oldest wine-making country in the world. Wine creation techniques date back 6,000 years B.C. (that’s 8,000 years ago) and archeological artifacts are a clear example of that. Therefore wine tour in Kakheti is a must-do thing in a country. Kakheti is beautiful with its landscapes, a perfect blend of mountains and valleys leaves unforgettable memories on the visitors.

During your one-day wine tour, you will visit Wine Factories and Wine cellars at four different locations. Professional local tour guides will show you and explain different techniques of winemaking in Georgia. Also, you will have a chance to compare the wines that were made using the old Georgian technique, to the wines which were made using the European winemaking technique.

Qevri winemaking
wine tour Georgia

Vaziani Wine factory – Located in Telavi (the capital city of the Kakheti region) offers a beautiful mix of modernity and oldness that creates an ideal environment for your comfort and pleasure. In this factory, equipped with modern technologies, you will be able to witness the process of wine production, a full cycle of winemaking from its primary processing, maceration in the Qvevri, aging and bottling stages will be introduced to you.  

At the end of a tour, you will be able to taste and evaluate 4 types of wine: white, pink, and two red wines. Origins and details of those specific wines will be explained on the spot.

Shuchman Winery – Is located in the small village of Kisiskhevi, just 10 minutes away from Telavi. This ultra-premium winery is specializing in famous indigenous Georgian grape varieties. It was founded in 2008 by the Schuchmann family in the very center of the Georgian wine-growing zone. Having traveled to many countries in his life and being a wine buff for years, Schuchmann decided to set up a wine business in Georgia.  German production discipline, Georgian ancient wine-making culture, and the representatives from the traditional family of winemakers brought Schchuhmann wine production to the level of Art.

At the end of the tour, you will be able to have a degustation of 3 different wines, made at the very same winery.

Winemaking in Georgia

Shumi – “Shumi meant the best wine in ancient Georgia, it still means the same!” the motto of the company. Shumi Wines owns vineyards in both western and eastern Georgia. The two wine lines produced by the company accommodate reds and whites of endemic Georgian species including Saperavi, Kindzmarauli, Khvanchkara, Shumi, and Tsinandali. The winery is located in a historic part of Kakheti, bordering on the Chavchavadze Residence in Tsinandali, where the first Georgian wine was bottled. The land around the winery is filled with picturesque terraced vineyards. The buildings at Shumi Winery are decorated according to traditional French chateau design, with a fusion of traditional Georgian architecture.

An exclusive and unique tour of the winery begins in the Ethnographic Corner. Visitors will discover the history of Georgian wine, learn the ancient techniques used in fermentation, and distill chacha – (a high-spirit drink made out of grape shells and seeds. The next stop will be the traditional wine cellar (‘Marani’), where wine is stored in both traditional Qvevri, and oak barrels. The wine museum displays maps showing the routes the wine took to spread around the world, examples of pottery, sculpture, and other archaeological relics found in Georgia. 
Here, you can taste 4 different wines, made in the Shumi wine cellar.

Corp. Kindzmarauli – Corporation Kindzmarauli is located at the historic Kvareli castle in the town of Kvareli. Back in the middle Ages, in King Erekle’s reign, this winery was one of those places, where wine was produced in Royal Wine Cellars for the kings and the noblemen of Georgia. The Company owns approximately 150 hectares of vineyards, 100 hectares of which are in the historic Kindzmarauli micro-zone. The company produces 25 different varieties of wine and about 10 wine brandies every year, using grapes harvested from its vineyards, as well as from local farmers. 

The enterprise is renowned locally and internationally at wine exhibitions and competitions and is actively involved in wine-based tourism. “Corporation Kindzmarauli” owns a brand shop, restaurant, and the hotel “Chateau Kvareli”. 
After the interesting Kindzmarauli winery tour, you will be able to taste another 4 different wines.

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