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Svaneti is one of the most beautiful mountain regions in Georgia, in fact, it’s the most attractive inhabited part of the Great Caucasian Mountains, especially for foreigners. Our company proudly offers tours to Svaneti separately, allowing you to spend as many days as you can in the mystical part of the land. Tours in Svaneti are for everyone, for elders and for youngers, we arrange group, as well as private tours because we are sure that anyone can find their own piece of cake in the midst of the breathtaking mountains. 

As of today, the Svaneti region is divided into two parts of the administrational entity. Lentekhi is a central town of the Lower part of Svaneti and Mestia is a center of an upper part of the region. Most of the tours we offer take place in Upper Svaneti. The elevation of the villages where we will spend the nights are from 1,800-2,200 meters above sea level. These settlements are surrounded by a chain of huge mountains – having heights over 5,000 meters.

There is no secret, that in general people in mountain regions are a little different from the typical downtown city people. In Svaneti, the traditions, rules, and customs are as harsh as the nature around them, however, with the guests Svanetians are very hospitable, kind, and surprisingly they even have a good sense of humor. Almost in every house, local members of the family can sing and play traditional Georgian music, which makes overnight in their Guesthouses a very pleasant experience.

Museums and Cable Carts

Svanetian culture is Autochthonous, meaning that it has an unbreakable chain of people living at the very same place from the beginning, in this case from the Early Bronze Age till the present day. Interesting, must-visit Museums throughout Upper Svaneti are solid proof of the region’s rich history. 

Svaneti Historic and Ethnography Museum is one of the most-visited sites in Mestia. In Mestia there are also few House Museums where guests can browse and converse with local hosts, having our guide as a translator. However, in Ushguli, which is the highest settlement in Europe (2,300meters) and UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are some museum-type towers where we can enter and look at the structure of the tower from inside, plus check out the well-kept artifacts that withstood the centuries.

Svaneti museum
Mestia cable cart

Besides the Museums, Cable Cart roads are also visitors’ favorite place in Mestia. Close to the center of the town, a big lift station consisting of two parts is located. First, we can take a ride leading to a winter resort Hatsvali and from there change the station and head the way up to Mount Zuruldi. The lowest lift station is located at an elevation of 1,428 meters above sea level and the highest one at 2,348 meters. During your ride great scenery stretches at your feet, giving a feeling of a fairytale. The ending point, Mount Zuruldi, is well known for its unique views of the white slopes of Tetnuldi and the Caucasus Mountain Range.

In winter, this area features a 2,400-meter long ski slope, which makes it a great attraction for winter sports lovers. Hatsvali offers 5 ski slopes of different levels. Snowboarding and skiing in Svaneti are some of the main activities that tourists do during the winter.  

Horseback Riding

Since ancient times, horses were the main helping source for Svanetians. Because of the harsh, brutal winters, people had the place in their towers for the horses to stay indoors, practically shared their living space with them.

In our century the necessity to use horses is much less, however, the activities like horseback riding, or in general spending time with a horse in nature, started to become more popular in Georgia. Svaneti is a perfect place for horse riding since there are a lot of beautiful places that 4X4 Jeeps cannot reach. Plus, hiking on a steep slope for hours to get on the top of the mountain at an altitude of 3,000 meters, can be very exhausting. 

Horse riding Svaneti

Most of our Svaneti hiking tours have the option of horseback riding. Past few years, more local families started to get involved in this business and expanded the size of their barns. Amount of horses, as well as new paths with cool destinations, are increasing each year in Svaneti. You can enjoy the horse-ride for a couple of hours or have a 4 days journey from Mestia to Ushguli. Our experienced local guide will assist you and will stay with you at all times during your trip.

Experience different feelings, feel the excitement when we will reach the huge waterfalls in the middle of the mountain, feel the adrenaline while we cross the rivers sitting on the saddle, or just simply have a pleasant ride in the velvet green field.

hiking tours

Hiking in Svaneti is the most developed activity among others. You have the luxury to pick varieties of trekking paths according to their difficulty level. Can be an easy walk in the fields with great scenery around you, or hard 9-11 hours hike towards the top of the mountain or a glacier. Depending on your will and physical conditions our experienced tour operators will assist you to choose the right destination for your Svaneti trip.  

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